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Data driven impact

Helva’s mission is to develop technology solutions to improve resilience and sustainability of urban cities through applied Data Science, Research and Engineering. The company is based in Singapore and has capability to provide services locally and globally.

Taylor Hickem

Data Scientist

Bio and CV

Technology focus areas

  • Essential human support services for cities
  • Problem solving and intelligence
  • Programming and automation
  • Human learning

Products and services

  • Research articles and publications
  • Engineering design
  • Educational and consulting services
  • Software tools

Make an impact

In 1997 IBM DeepBlue - a computer program - won a chess match against Kasparov - a world chess champion. That milestone achievement was only the tip of the iceberg for the technology opportunities in the Information Age. High performance computing enhances capabilities for knowledge based processes of learning and problem solving and are a core part of the Helva business model. Challenges of the 21st century although complex are solvable problems with the right combination of human innovation and state of the art research and engineering resources.

21st century global challenges

  • Systemic risks from highly integrated globalized networks
  • Climate change - reversing the trends and building resiliance
  • Limited natural resources including fossil fuels
  • Urban population growth
  • Disparate distribution of access to essential services
  • Threats to life - natural disasters, epidemics, accidental death
  • Essential human support services
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Water
  • Food
  • Sanitation
  • Climate control

The current state of the world may appear as an apex of prosperity and exciting opportunities for the future. Several fundamental aspects of the structure of the global economy however are unsustainable and as a consequence capability to sustain even basic life support systems such as food supply are at risk. Furthermore the prospects for the future are not shared by all globally and are concentrated in a minority of the population. Many of the risk factors are human-made, and if action taken early enough, can be averted in time before they result in irreversible loss.

Global coordination and political action will be critical components of any attempt to implement change. To empower citizens with the best options Helva's role is to address the relevant barriers in information through technology, engineering and education.

Core Values

A set of 8 Core Values defines Helva and provide a standard reference for all actions and decisions of the business process. The Core Values are further elaborated into practical guidelines in the company Code of Conduct which can be found in the investors section of the website.

The Core Values are :

  • Grit : Take on difficult, high impact and complex projects and master them
  • Unconventional : Challenge convention into unexplored areas
  • Integrity : At all times act with honesty, ethics and transparency
  • Open : Openly share, publish and educate others to maximize potential impact
  • Inclusive : Value all relationships internal and external with compassion and respect
  • Data driven : Process all decisions through the principles of skeptical scientific method
  • First class : Maintain superior research and engineering quality standards
  • Enterprising : Leverage resources, manage risks and optimize performance

Core Values printable document